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ExpertScribe is an online service that helps students in preparing their Statement of Purpose (SOP) when applying for admissions in foreign colleges/universities for graduate studies. ExpertScribe is founded by professionals who have vast experience in education consulting industry, especially for admissions to colleges/universities in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New-Zealand and others. Backed by a team of experts who know the pulse of the admission committees in foreign colleges, ExpertScribe helps you by understanding your profile and thus re-create or modify your SOPs based on your details. The site is easy to use and saves a lot of time which is usually lost in search for a proper consultant.


ExpertScribe Premium and ExpertScribe Elite

a. ExpertScribe premium is a specialized service for those candidates who are applying to the top colleges in a particular country. Also if the candidate has considerable work experience or very varied profile then he / she qualifies for premium.

b. ExpertScribe Elite is for those candidates who aspire to get into the Ivy-League Colleges like Harvard, Wharton, Kelloggs, Stanford, MIT, London Busniess School, Insead, IIMs, ISB etc.

a. Basic version is for candidates who have standard profiles like students fresh out from college. In Basic you get a reviewed SOP of 500-550 words within 24 business hours. Premium is for candidates who have some work experience or who are aspiring for top colleges and have a distinct profile. In premium you get the option of uploading your CV and explaining your profile better. You also get 1 free review over phone and email for your SOP within 24 Business hours. Elite is for those candidates who are opting for the best colleges in the world mainly for MBAs. It’s a very personalized service where one of our team member shadows you until you complete your admissions SOP requirements satisfactorily. So you get unlimited interactions with our team till you are satisfied with your SOP.

a. Our intelligent system will automatically choose the right version based on your profile. Just answer a few questions and get details of your plan.

a. Prices depend on your profile. Prices for ExpertScribe premium start from Rs. 2499/- per SOP. Prices for Elite Start from Rs 4999/- and may go upward upto Rs 25000/- per SOP depending on your profile

a. Starting Jan 2018 we are suspending Basic services due to high demand for Expertscribe premium. We have also made changes to the way colleges are treated as premium or elite based on the updated world rankings.

General questions related to co-writing Statement of Purpose

Expertscribe.com is a platform to assist students in creating Statement of Purpose (SOP). The platform encourages co-writing by asking students specific questions and based on the students’ responses our experts suggest ways for writing the SOP. Our Experts also help in reviewing drafts, rewriting as per standards and error-checking.

It depends on your requirement and specifications given by the college if any. Usually we consider a Statement of Purpose SOPs generated using this platform to contain 500 to 550 words. If additional words or content is needed then we are always ready to help you.

US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and any other country of your choice. Our SOPs are tailor made to suit your requirements.

There is no limit to the number of SOPs that can be generated using this platform.

For every SOP generated, expertscribe.com runs a plagiarism check and ensures that the content is at least 90% unique. For your satisfaction, you may also check the final SOP version for plagiarism by using various tools that are available online.

The prices vary based on the user's profile and can be seen once logged in and providing basic information.

Yes. However, within 2 days of the final SOP version is emailed to you, we request you to write to us explaining the specific reason for refund. Having said this, we ensure to make best efforts to see that every SOP meets all required standards.

All desktop, laptops, mobiles, tablets and IPads are supported. Please ensure you use a modern browser like Chrome 51.0 and above,IE 10 and above,
Firefox 47.0 and above or any other equivalent browser.

If you face any problem using our site, contact us via mail at admin@expertscribe.com with Subject as 'Problem' we shall send you further steps

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Yes, registration is mandatory.

No communication is sent on registration.If required, We request you to reach us on the numbers mentioned in the contact us page.

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Getting SOPs

After successful payment, many checks are performed by our in-house specialists to generate the perfect SOP suiting your needs. Hence we request you to kindly provide us at least 3 business days to submit a first version.

You will receive a mail from our partner instamojo.com on successful payment. Please allow us 3 business days to send you the first version of the SOP.

We ensure there is 100% compliance to sending the SOP within the stated time. However, in a rare cases, if you have not heard anything from us then we request you to reach us on the numbers mentioned in the contact us page.

Please feel free to reach us on the numbers mentioned in the contact us page.

To avoid application rejections, we recommend that you generate another SOP without logging out.

To avoid application rejections, we recommend that you generate another SOP with your friend’s details.

It depends on the course that you are applying at the 3 colleges. We recommend you tailor your SOPs to suit each college’s requirement.

Entering Information

General information related to your admission is sought n the form of a resume or CV. For quote generation your undergraduate degree name, work experience, college you are applying for are required. For making payment the url of the course you are applying for needs to be mentioned. Apart from above users are required to provide credit card / debit card / net banking details during payment.

If you keep all details handy the whole process should be finished within 5 minutes.

A resume or a CV is sufficient. However, it would be helpful if you keep all details right from 10th class to graduation with you before you begin. Also keeping specific details handy on the course like electives, professors and their research projects, country information will help a lot.

Please check if you have entered valid input.

After login read through the information of the packages and select proceed. You will be given 4 questions, just answer them and you get your quote

Please proceed for payment if you like the quote

Send in your CV and draft SOP to us. Then, sit back and relax while we go through your profile and suggest changes to get the best SOP.


Our Payments partner is Instamojo. (www.instamojo.com).

Yes. Only VISA, Master Card credit cards are accepted as of now. New payment methods are added periodically.

We are sorry. New banks are added from time to time by our partner. Please let us know at contact us page on any new bank you want to add. We request you to use any credit card or debit card instead.

Please check your bank account or credit card account if your account has been debited. If yes, then please contact us immediately with details for us to check at our end. Usually, any failed transaction would be reverted as per the terms mentioned by Instamojo.

Please write to us immediately and we shall check from our end. Any failed transaction would be reverted as per the terms mentioned by Instamojo.

After a successful payment you will be redirected back to our website. You have to complete subsequent steps to receive your SOP in email.

Please contact us at the contact details mentioned in our Contact page.